Join the Bali Spa and Wellness Association now and help us to advance Bali’s spa and wellness industry while you enjoy the rewards of membership.

Benefits for Members

  • Quarterly lunch meetings, including guest speakers and presentations on a wide range of subjects relating to the spa industry. These are held from 09.00am to finish on the last Friday of every month
  • Use of BSWA logo on your printed materials and website
  • Listing and website link on BSWA website
    Discounts on supplies and industry professional services
  • Discounts on available spa training/education
  • Networking opportunities at all levels of the spa industry
  • An elegant carved stone and wood display stand with BSWA logo
  • Post or search for global employment opportunities
  • Opportunities to contribute to local community events
  • Involvement in mystery shopping programs and spa treatment trials

Membership Categories

Membership is open to all who have an interest in the spa and wellness industry. The prospective member (industry) must follow the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia and comply with moral norms.

  • Spa owners, operators and managers
  • Spa, massage and beauty therapists
  • Suppliers of product, equipment and professional services to the spa industry
  • Health and natural therapy professionals
  • Body workers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths
  • Spa consultants, spa designers and architects
  • Hoteliers and those in the hospitality
  • industry offering spa and wellness services
    Travel industry professionals specialising in spa and wellness travel

~ Wellness ~

The quality or state of being healthy, especially as the result of deliberate effort. An approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing and treating disease Wellness is balance and synchronicity in all aspects of existence. Being able to experience our own true nature. A state of awareness and realization of oneness with the totality of energy which is our universe, our world and ourselves. It is all about connecting with and realizing our full potential in life

Membership Types, Contribution and Conditions

Types of membership available:

Primary membership – This type of membership is for individuals and companies involved in operating spa and wellness services or supplying services and goods to the spa and wellness industry. Three types of primary membership are available:

  • Primary Individual
  • Primary Corporate – single unit/spa operators
  • Primary Corporate – multiple unit/ spa operators

Membership Contribution (yearly)

Primary IndividualRp600,000per annum
Primary Corporate single unit/ spa operatorsRp1,200,000per annum
Primary Corporate multiple unit/ spa operatorsRp1,000,000per spa per annum

Membership Conditions:

  • Membership is valid for 1 (one) year from January to December
  • Annual Membership Contributions are payable every Jan 31st each year. For new member, contribution that is paid at any other time will be charged pro rata
  • Non members are entitled to attend only two BSWA meeting per year and must pay an additional Rp 350,000 on the cost of lunch, and for member must pay an additional Rp 175,000 on the cost of lunch
  • Up to five nominated staff may attend the BSWA lunch meeting as representatives of the member business/company
  • BSWA members are asked to use the BSWA mailing list with discretion and to respect the rights and privacy of other members by not passing this list onto outside parties
  • Any information or material from members to be posted on the website is at the discretion of the BSWA Executive committee
  • All members will adhere to BSWA Standards and Practices