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The Bali Spa and Wellness Association (BSWA) is a non-profit organization representing Bali’s spa and wellness industry. The BSWA was established in 2004 to develop and promote Bali’s spa and wellness offerings through education, exchange of ideas, networking and growth initiatives
Spas are entities devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit (Definition of spa from International SPA Association)
The quality or state of being healthy, especially as the result of deliberate effort. An approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing and treating disease Wellness is balance and synchronicity in all aspects of existence. Being able to experience our own true nature. A state of awareness and realization of oneness with the totality of energy which is our universe, our world and ourselves. It is all about connecting with and realizing our full potential in life
Fresh, natural foods low in saturated fats and cholesterol, with an emphasis on whole grains, low-fat dairy products lean proteins, fresh fruit, fish, and vegetables and an avoidance of added salt and products containing sodium and artificial colorings, flavorings, and preservatives (definition from ISPA)
Traditional Balinese Treatments are based on ancient recipes to create well-being for your body, mind and soul which can be applied using Balinese massage, foot baths, body scrubs or masks and flower baths. In daily life, Balinese use scrub concoctions known as Boreh or Sandalwood Lulur and it is a family ritual to apply the scrubs to each others at home.
Type of products exported: wood massage table, handicrafts, linen, stone carving, and Balinese furniture. Indonesia is abundant with natural products such as: virgin coconut oil, lulur, boreh and other body scrubs, herbal bath, bath salt, white clay and spices of all types. Most of Balinese product treatments are well known in the Spa industry but not available in other countries. Because raw products and manpower are cheap, we are able to give good price to overseas Spas Is there a demand for Balinese Staff?. Bali also ‘exports’ people to work in Spas in many locations abroad, eg there are approx 300 Balinese therapists in the Maldives alone
Every spa in Indonesia or Bali especially, has signature treatments but the most popular treatments include traditional ones such as a ritual foot bath, Balinese massage , Boreh Exfoliation ,Javanese lulur and Jamu drinks for internal treatments
In Bali the spa industry is based on nature and tradition , enriched with the spirit of Balinese culture and using fresh herbs and spices specially grown around Bali or others Island of Indonesia. We have Spas on rock cliffs, in the rain forests, along beach fronts, and inside many luxurious hotels and resorts
To meet its goals and objectives, the BSWA will develop a number of programs and initiatives. These include:
  1. To provide a strong foundation for the growth of the spa industry in Bali, and promote the industry through a variety of programs
  2. To educate the public of the many health benefits derived from spa treatments and therapies
  3. To help establish and maintain professional standards within the spa industry through the creation of various educational programs
  4. To provide an active forum for the exchange of ideas and information for professionals in the spa industry e To liaise with other sectors of Bali’s tourism industry to promote integrated growth
  1. Spa owners
  2. Spa operators
  3. Individual/professional in Spa such as consultant, therapist etc
The Bali Spa and Wellness Association (BSWA) has both informal and informal relationships with a number of companies and industry organisations. These include:
  1. Sponsorship by Spa Sessions and Island Communication and a web link to Balispirit.com
  2. BSWA enjoys positive working relationships with STP (Spa education provider), SOS Medika, ASPI and the Bali Hotel Association (BHA)
  3. The Bali Spa and Wellness Association is represented at a regional level through participation in the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Association Council (APSWA)
  4. BSWA is a member of the Indonesian Hotel and Resorts Association (PHRI)
  • Members are entitled to join monthly luncheon on the last Friday of each month where we occasionally have guest speakers such as trainers, suppliers, tourist industry professionals, etc
  • Members will be able to promote their Spa business through/together with BSWA Members
  • Monthly Spa Gathering – luncheon
  • Standardizing Standards and Practices for operating spas in Bali
  • English Scholarship program
  • Supporting Spa Academy at STP Bali (Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata – Bali Tourism School)
  • Participation in the Asia Paciifc Spa Wellness Council
There are generally (7) Spa Types, some perhaps not applicable in Indonesia, ie Club, Cruise, Day, Destination, Medical, Mineral Springs, Resort/Hotel

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