Bali Spa & Wellness Association (BSWA) Annual Event 2015
Nurture, Knowledge & Networking X

Kuta - 9 December 2015. Once again BSWA successfully held their annual event Nurture, Knowledge and Networking X. The Trans Resort Bali was the official venue partner for this year by providing their amazing ballrooms for each session, meal and refreshment arrangements and immaculate services before and during the event on December 4, 2015.

The whole day event carried out three different sessions throughout the day from 9.00 until 17.00. This year BSWA proudly have some government offices visiting the event such as from Health Offices Bali, Tourism Offices Bali and Tourism Ministry Jakarta and the chief of PHRI was also able to be at the opening ceremony.

Workshops of herbal medicines and acupressure by two doctors, courtesy of Health Offices Bali province, which later on became the key to the coaching competition that involve therapist and beach masseuse from Seminyak beach area. Famous and expert speakers that were able to support the event were Gobind Vasdesh, the author of book “Happiness Inside”, Liat Solomon, team of Fit Club,  Markplus Inc., Red Cross Bali (PMI Bali) and from Mandara spa.

Congratulation goes to Alila spa as the 1st winner of the couching competition, 2nd winner is Aqua Perla spa of Double Six hotel and 3rd winner is Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar spa. Thank you to PHRI Bali and PIBI Spa School for providing the trophy and gratitude to all supporters and donators for their supports and contributions. Thank you to Lusi Damai Ikat and Harry Row for the fashion show and bazaar vendors that have made the event merrier.

Thank you all members and friends of BSWA, for your wonderful support, effort and participation. Until next year!


About BSWA
The BSWA was established in 2005 to develop and promote Bali’s spa through education, exchange of ideas, networking and growth initiatives. The purpose and objectives of BSWA are:

  • To provide a strong foundation for the growth of the spa and wellness industry in Bali
  • To promote awareness and strengthen the profile of Bali’s spa and wellness industry locally, nationally and internationally
  • To educate the public of the many health benefits derived from spa treatments and therapies
  • To improve the knowledge, technical skills and professionalism of all spa and wellness industry professionals


For more details contact us:
Fiftin Rorimpandei / Lulu Widjaya
Phone: 08113630178/ 0818557450

FB: bali spa wellness association

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