Join the Bali Spa and Wellness Association now and help us to advance Bali’s spa and wellness industry while you enjoy the rewards of membership.

Benefits for Members

Monthly lunch meetings, including guest speakers and presentations on a wide range of subjects relating to the spa industry. These are held from 10.30am to 2.30pm on the last Friday of every month
Use of BSWA logo on your printed materials and website
Listing and website link on BSWA website
Discounts on supplies and industry professional services
Discounts on available spa training/education
Networking opportunities at all levels of the spa industry
An elegant carved stone and wood display stand with BSWA logo
Post or search for global employment opportunities
Opportunities to contribute to local community events
Involvement in mystery shopping programs and spa treatment trials
Benefits for members
Membership Categories
Memberships Types, Fees and Conditions
How to Apply
Bali Spa And Wellness Association Members

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Membership Categories

Membership is open to all who have an interest in the spa and wellness industry. The prospective member (industry) must follow the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia and comply with moral norms.

Spa owners, operators and managers
Spa, massage and beauty therapists
Suppliers of product, equipment and professional services to the spa industry
Health and natural therapy professionals
Body workers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths
Spa consultants, spa designers and architects
Hoteliers and those in the hospitality industry offering spa and wellness services
Travel industry professionals specialising in spa and wellness travel

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Membership Types, Contribution and Conditions

Types of membership available:

Primary membership - This type of membership is for individuals and companies involved in operating spa and wellness services or supplying services and goods to the spa and wellness industry. Three types of primary membership are available:

Primary Individual
Primary Corporate - single unit/spa operators
Primary Corporate - multiple unit/ spa operators

Membership Contribution (yearly)

Primary Individual Rp    600,000 per annum
Primary Corporate single unit/ spa operators Rp    1,200,000 per annum
Primary Corporate multiple unit/ spa operators Rp 1,900,000 per annum

Membership Conditions:

Membership is valid for one year from April to March
Annual membership contributions are payable 31st March each year. For new member, contribution that is paid at any other time will be charged pro rata
Non members are entitled to attend only two BSWA meeting per year and must pay an additional Rp 275,000 on the cost of lunch, and for member must pay an additional Rp 175,000 on the cost of lunch
Up to five nominated staff may attend the BSWA lunch meeting as representatives of the member business/company
BSWA members are asked to use the BSWA mailing list with discretion and to respect the rights and privacy of other members by not passing this list onto outside parties
Any information or material from members to be posted on the website is at the discretion of the BSWA Executive committee
All members will adhere to BSWA Standards and Practices

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How to Apply

Download your membership application form here

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Bali Spa And Wellness Association Members

If you are planning to visit Bali and would like to experience some of our superb spa offerings, check out the members of the Bali Spa and Wellness Association:

Acqua Perla Spa at Double Six Hotel
AtiekHotel Spa
Adirama Beach Hotel
Sri UtamiHotel and Spa
Alila Seminyak Bali
Anne SuriptoHotel and Spa
Alila Villas Uluwatu
Grace DavidHotel and Spa
Arkipela Spa and Wellness
Ary KusumaningrumHotel and Spa
Astadala Hotel Management
Ratna DewiHotel Management and Spa
Athina Ike Puspitasari
Ike PuspitasariBeauty and Spa Professional
Ayu Mudiasih
Ayu MudiasihSpa Professional
Bagus Jati Health and Wellbeing Retreat
Lusia DebiResort Spa
Bali Bisa Spa School
Penny EllisSpa School
Bali Botanica Day Spa
Anas AndriantoDay Spa
Bali Saraswati Spa Academy
Ni Wayan WitarsihSpa School and
Recruitment Centre
Bali Spa Guide
Dayu IndraSpa Guide Website
Belmond Jimbaran Puri Bali Hotel
Ni Made Tirta WahyuniHotel Spa
Black Sand Spa at Royal Purnama
Desak RaiHotel Spa
Como Shambala Estate
Sally HalsteadHotel and Spa
Courtyard by Mariott Bali Seminyak
Wisnu DendhiantoHotel and Spa
Dala Spa at Alaya Ubud
ReniHotel and Spa
Equalize Spa
Sri MulyaniHotel Spa
Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali
Wayan WiratiHotel and Spa
Five Elements
Nurita RihadiniHotel and Spa
Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran
Dwi SantiniHotel and Spa
Four Seasons Resort Ubud
Dwi SusantiHotel and Spa
Fresh Spa
Komang ElyDay Spa
Glo Day Spa and Salon
RupiSpa and Salon
Grand Whiz Hotel Nusa Dua
Ani RustianaHotel and Spa
Griya Nuansa Spa
Ratna SariHotel Spa
Griya Santrian
Putri WardaniHotel and Spa
Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Tri SilawatiHotel and Spa
Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa
Made Rita Sri DewiHotel and Spa
Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali
Etik IstantianaHotel Spa
Holiway Garden Resort and Spa Bali
Wayan DarmiasihHotel and Spa
Indonesian Holistic Care Association (IHCA)
KusminiTraining Centre
Inner Glow Spa
I Wayan Winasa SEHotel Spa
SuaniHotel and Spa
Jaladini Spa Kuta Paradiso Hotel
Neneng AgustiyaningsihHotel Spa
Jari Menari
IgnipMassage and Training Center
Kaiana Salon and Spa
Shenoa SupatraDay Spa
Kayumanis Private Villa and Spa
Nengah SupadmiVilla and Spa
Komune Resorts
Kade Purnama WatiHotel and Spa
Kriya Spa
Maria Retno PrihartiwiHotel Spa
Kush Spa
Dewa JayantikaDestination Spa
Lavender Spa
Kadek MasminiHotel and Spa
Mandara Spa Indonesia
Lulu S. WidjajaSpa Operator and Consultancy, Elemis Distributor
Manori Spa
DianDay Spa
Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Jimbaran
David ChristianDay Spa
Matahari Beach Resort and Spa
Ida Bagus Puja ErawanHotel and Spa
Maya Sanur Resort and Spa
DarmiyatinHotel and Spa
Maya Ubud Resort and Spa
Ni Made SuariniHotel and Spa
Melah Spa
Made SriasihHotel and Spa
Nails Department
SuryaniSpa Product Supplier
Natura Resort and Spa
Ni Ketut PramianiHotel and Spa
Ni Luh Putu Sukenari
Ayu SukenariConsultant
Ni Nyoman Ayu Asmini
Ayu AsminiPrivate Business
Nu Beauty Salon and Spa
Kartika SoeminarSalon and Spa
Nusa Bali Spa
Andre SusantoDay Spa
Oberoi Hotels and Resorts
Fitriya AgustinaHotel and Spa
Om Ham Retreat
Ni Putu SawitriHotel Spa
Padma Puhu
FerryanaRetreat Centre and Accomodation
Padma Legian
DollyanaHotel and Spa
Linea AndianiHotel and Spa
MayasariProduct Supplier
Prana Spa
Pande SutaSpa School
PT Asian Prophecy Spa
Yasuko KanazawaHotel and Resort
PT Jamu Jamu Indonesia
Feny Sri SulistyowatiDestination Spa
PT Jaya Fajar Lestari
Magda ChanSpa Product Supplier
PT Regenesis Indonesia
Yurika GunawanSpa Product Supplier
NonikAesthetic Distributor
Puri Bagus Candidasa
Lusia DebiHotel and Spa
Puri Bagus Lovina
Lusia DebiResort Spa
Puri Mas Boutique Resorts and Spa
Sara SandersResort Spa
Puri Sunia Resort
AngelBoutique Resort
Risata Spa
Luh De SudianiHotel Spa
Riverview Spa
I Nengah AriawanHotel Spa
Royal Kirana Spa and Wellness
SuraniDay Spa
Samaya Spa Seminyak
TrisnaHotel and Spa
Samaya Spa Ubud
Hotel and Spa
Santai Spa at Rumah Santai Villa and Spa
Ni Wayan Mei RosalenyHotel Spa
Sava Spa Hotel Indigo Bali
Luh SukesniHotel and Spa
Sens Hotel and Spa Ubud
I Nyoman PrabawaSpa School
Sheraton Kuta
Ocha ResminiHotel and Spa
Silvia Ziche
Silvia ZicheHotel Spa
So Spa and Vietura at Sofitel Nusa Dua
Sari and TyarTherapist
Spa at The Edge
AryHotel and Spa
Spa Bali
Ni Komang ErmayantiHotel and Spa
Spa Pakerisan
Herawan KoswaraDay Spa
Suma Spa
PadmaHotel and Spa
Taksu Spa
Jero WulanHotel Spa
Taman Air Spa
RiniDay Spa
The Breezes Bali Resort and Spa
Dayu BasmiariDay Spa
The Legian Bali
SuwendraHotel Spa
The Lovina Bali Body Tonic Spa
Kadek Novi HandayaniHotel and Spa
The Magani Hotel and Spa
Sri SutarmiasihHotel and Spa
The Niksoma Hotel and Spa
Sri SutarmiasihHotel Spa
The Private Spa
IspiHotel Spa
The Spa and Wellness Studio at The Amala
Ni Made WidianiHotel and Spa
The Trans Resort Bali
Gusti Made ParwathiHotel Spa
The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali
Putu SushantiniHotel and Spa
Thermes Marins Bali, Ayana Resort and Spa Bali
Dewi SarianiHotel and Spa
Theta Spa By The Sea
Jeaneke AllowHotel Spa
Uma by Como
Eka PutriHotel Spa
Visesa Spa
Siti JulaikahProduct Design Consultant
W Retreat and Spa Bali Seminyak
Ni Made Arya SitiariDestination Spa
Yhi Spa at Melia Sol
MandriHotel Resort and Villas

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