This is one example how the real product with a local ancestral cultural wisdom able worldwide.
By Arnold Dhae and Mancianus Singko

Spa comes from the Latin language Solus Par Aqua, that means improving health through water. Its recently, Indonesia has been selected to become Major Tourist Spa Destination in The World Award through International Wellness Award in Berlin, Germany.

Dozens of types of spas in the country, but these prestigious awards fall for the Spa's Bali.

"Why Indonesia? Because Indonesia is able to maintain the ancestral cultural heritage combined with the latest research results", Said the Leader Selected Hotel Promotion Inc (renowned International Organization of Tourism) Frank Pfaller sometimes ago.

According to the Executive Committee Bali Spa and Wellness Association Regine Winkler, since the beginning of the organisation growth, Spa's in Bali are well known customers in the country and the world. "But the quality of local products are globally because we show service that is professional, high quality with International Standards" She said last week.

The Award who they received from the German Travel Association was not the first. Spa Industry in Bali also got Bacarat Appreciation Award from a Hong Kong Spa Magazine.

This rapidly growing industry appeared since 2000. The target markets are quite balanced between local and foreign consumers. The charges ranged around Rp. 200.000 to Rp. 800.000.

"Many consumers do not discuss at all prices, but the result. Form of health, fitness, relaxation, and so forth" Said Winkler.

Director General of the Marketing Department of Culture and Tourism, Bapak Sapta Nirwandar, said the Government will took advantage of this momentum to continue to improve quality. We continue to market the spa products to all countries, and at the same time with the product quality improvements, therapists and spices".

The Observer from the Sahid University of Tourism Jakarta Bapak Yuwana Mardjuka, reminded the Indonesia Government to give equal treatment to other areas. "Do not just Bali, but also to promote the other potential spa areas in Indonesia such as Kalimantan along with a traditional herb native materials as spa main product" he said.

Tax Burdened

Data last show, about 12% guests who stay at star hotels in Bali are using spa services provided by the hotel. Meanwhile about 10% of hotel guests are using the spa facilities outside the hotel and normally they stay a long average for 2 weeks.

Number of hotel rooms around the Star Hotels in Bali alone reached 50 thousand rooms. If there are 10 thousand guests are using the spa services, rotation income reach Rp.3 billion - Rp. 4 billion per month.

However, the high contribution of the spa industry made the Business Performer hesitate to create business because of high tax area quotation. Bali local government will also quote 10% entertainment tax beside the 10% income tax (PPh) nation wide.
"That means Spa's in Bali have to pay taxes as much as 2 times." Said Feny Sri Sulistiawati, BSWA Executive Committee. (Dik/E-6).
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